Depression Quotes and Sayings About Depression

It turns out that I’m afraid to fall in love again and suffer again. Trust too much and regret it. Cry for who did not give me a ” drop of love ”. That’s what I’m afraid of.


Crying for those who laughed at their tears, is the greatest foolishness of the human being.

Love is only beautiful when it is delivered entirely. It is no use only for a quality of the person, or of himself. Either you just want to love when you want, or you can be loved when you need it. Love has to be complete, not just a complement.


After all … time has to pass;
So quickly …
without even leaving traces
leaving traces


And if by chance, I stop loving you. Check your actions, you may not be giving back.


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“The light that most do not see is in the darkness that men contemplate.”


“I believe that suicide is a good cause and option, for those idiots who feel defeated”


“If one day you start feeling sorry for yourself, get out of the situation or seek (quick) professional help, because it’s getting ugly!”


She tried to hide by writing sentences of happiness, but her texts had hidden sadness.


It is in the darkness that our light stands out and it is in the chaos that we recognize our order.


I just do not want to be the bad side of your story. I’m
tired of being the problem and always leaning on
hollow things that even seemingly strong, an
hour falls, and I end up being the only one hurt.


It’s no use trying to trust people because if you turn your back they stab you with offensive phrases that can lead you to suicide.


There is no emotion that surpasses an act of solidarity, in this gesture you find and promote three more important characteristics for life: Love, Recognition, Fullness. Reflect.


When you look in the mirror and can see marks, when your appearance does not match your age, you realize that that pain was not bullshit as people spoke.


Whenever someone hurts you, record as you donate so you know when you will have to apologize. Sometimes we become what has hurt us.


Your success
Followed from your fall
Both came suddenly
and left you at the mercy
Of your demons
With your hungry vices
To corrode your bowels


I killed the life that killed me.


Bad side: I know what will happen.
Good side: I know what will happen.


If your senses have failed to grasp, then it does not exist. Instinct should not be discarded.


If we analyze, you die and receive all the tributes and some affections that you have not received in a lifetime.


Was it a bad year, or were your attitudes that attracted the consequences?


It is no use writing the goals, to leave them in the drawer.


Although I have so many followers here on the channel, I know that each of these 241,000 people has a force in there.
And only you know how to use it in favor of yourself.


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